Free Loft Insulation Grants For People On Benefits

Free Insulation Benefits

Free Insulation

Government grants for free loft insulation and cavity wall insulation are still available for those in receipt of many benefits.

Loft insulation and cavity wall insulation are still free for many people who claim benefits or Tax Credits. The energy saving home insulation products can substantially  reduce gas / heating bills and savings of around £300 per year are not unusual.

Which benefits qualify for free insulation?

A range of benefits entitle you to both loft insulation and cavity wall insulation grants. If you are in receipt any of the following benefits you should have a good chance of qualifying , providing that your home is suitable to insulate –

  • State Pension Credit.
  • Child Tax Credits.
  • Working Tax Credits (with qualifying benefit component).
  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance (with qualifying benefit component).
  • ESA (with qualifying benefit component).
  • Income Support (with qualifying benefit component).

A property which is not insulated correctly loses 35% of heat through the outer walls and 35% of heat through the attic and roof. Installing Loft and wall insulation can greatly reduce the cost of heating your home. A full list of Government grant qualification criteria can be found here – Free insulation grant qualification.

Apply for Free Insulation 

Find out if you qualify for loft and cavity wall insulation here – Free Insulation Grants

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