Free Insulation A quick Guide

By | 8th March 2014

Free Insulation A quick Guide

A quick guide to loft insulation & Cavity Wall Insulation grant schemes in the UK 

Applying for an insulation grant

The Energy Companies Obligation provides grant funding for free loft and cavity wall insulation and replacement boilers. The consists of three separate obligations.

  • The Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation provides energy grants for hard-to-treat homes and measures that cannot be fully funded through the Green Deal. Solid wall insulation and hard-to-treat cavity wall insulation are the primary areas for focus under this target.
  • The Carbon Saving Community Obligation  –  Energy companies provide grant funding to provide free cavity wall insulation and free loft insulation measures in rural communities and areas of low income.
  • Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation Under the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation, energy suppliers are required to provide grant funding for vulnerable households (the ‘Affordable Warmth Group’) to heat their homes.
    This includes actions that result in heating savings, such as replacement boiler grants or repair of a boiler for example.

Grant Qualification

Who is eligible for free insulation or a free boiler grant?

To qualify for free insulation

You must be the owner of the property or a tenant in privately rented accommodation (i.e. not social housing).

In addition, a member of your household must be in receipt of one of the following stand alone or combination benefits:

State Pension Credit


Child Tax Credits with a household income of £15,860 or less


One of the following benefits:

Income-related employment and support allowance.

Income-based job seekers allowance.

Income support.


One of the following:

Parental responsibility for a child who is under the age of 16 or is under 20 in full time education

Child tax credit which includes a disability or severe disability element.

A disabled child premium.

A disability premium, enhanced disability premium or severe disability premium.

A pensioner premium, higher pensioner premium, or enhanced pensioner premium.

A work-related activity or support component (only applicable with “income-related employment and support allowance”) .


Working tax credit and has a relevant income of £15,860 or less

Plus one of the following:

Parental responsibility for a child who is under the age of 16 or is under 20 in full time education.

Is in receipt of a disabled worker element or severe disability element.

Is aged 60 years or over

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