Free Boiler Scheme

Government grants for free gas boilers / heating systems are also available via the Energy Companies Obligation.

Free gas boilers which reduce Carbon emissions and lower your heating bills are available until 2017 via the Energy Companies Obligation. These are subject to grant qualification and are designed to help those deemed to live in homes designated as living in “fuel poverty.”

The free boiler replacements are “A rated” gas condensing boilers and reduce heating costs. Condensing boilers function at a higher rate of energy efficiency which means they can heat your water and central heating using less energy. This can mean substantial annual savings on gas bills.

Powering your gas boiler for heating and hot water accounts for up to 70% of the energy that you use in your home. Many existing gas boilers are not efficient and do not meet energy ratings guidelines.

Boiler efficiency

Gas Condensing Boilers

All new gas boilers installed in Britain must have an ‘A’ Rating. This means that they function at 90% efficiency or above. High efficiency boilers such as condensing gas boilers heat water to a warmer temperature before it enters the boiler burner. This makes them more energy-efficient and means it costs less to heat your home.

Combi Boilers
Combination boilers, more commonly known as combi boilers heat water on an as-needed basis. A combi boiler heating system doesn’t store hot water in a storage tank like conventional gas boilers. A combi boiler is more energy-efficient as water is only heated when required.

Pay Monthly Boilers

If you don’t qualify for a free boiler under the ECO scheme there are currently many options and ways to upgrade your central heating boiler. Most energy providers and boiler manufacturers are offering a range of boiler upgrade packages which allow you to install a new boiler on pay monthly finance plans.

For as little as £20 or £30 per month you can have a new “A rated” high efficiency boiler which can good reductions on your gas / heating bills. The current pay monthly plans mean that you can spread the cost over a number of years. In addition, the energy savings you make by lowering your bills can mean that you are effectively getting a new boiler free of charge. More information is available here – Pay monthly boiler replacement finance.