Free Loft Insulation for Pensioners

By | 6th March 2014

Pensioners & over 70’s  may till qualify for free insulation

New Government grants free insulation for pensioners is still available in the UK.
 The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) energy-efficieny saving grant scheme means many older people still qualify for free loft insulation or cavity wall insulation, and you might get your central heating  boiler replaced at the same time.

Apply for free insulation

Apply for free insulation

The energy grant scheme (CERT  – the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target) via which many older people took advantage of free insulation ended in October 2012.

However,  there are still several energy saving grants which provide free insulation  for many Pensioners and the elderly who have a low income.

CERT has been replaced by the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO). Under ECO there are several ways in which you may qualify for a completely free boiler upgrade or free  loft / wall insulation.

Free insulation qualification

Free loft insulation and free cavity wall insulation are still available if –

  • You are a Pensioner and are in receipt of State Pension Credits
  • You are over 60 years of age and receive Working Tax Credits
  • You live in a CSCO (Carbon Saving Communities Obligation) area
    (These areas are deemed areas that are “hard to reach” or areas of “fuel poverty” and are a priority for free insulation)

After September 2014 all loft and wall insulation should be free, although you may be able to get it before then. Please check here to find out if you can get it now  

Free Insulation for Pensioners.